Collaboration with FIRST

FIRST Presentations At AfNOG Meetings

* May 23, 2004 – Dakar, Senegal “We all need CSIRTs in Africa” by David Crochemore FIRST Board Member.
* June 01, 2008 – CSIRT Training in AfNOG tutorial, Morocco – Yurie ITO (FIRST and JPCERT)
* May 2009 – Topic:”CSIRTs and FIRST Activities” presented by Chris Gibson

Several presentations since then at African Events

FIRST Training At AfricaCERT Meetings Every Year Since 2013


FIRST TRANSITS Trainingin Cote’Ivoire

Thu, December 19 2013 13:21:00

+0000 Together with Jean Robert Hountomey of the AfricaCERT, FIRST organized a 2-day TRANSITS training in Cote d’Ivoire November 24th and 25th, collocated with the AfriNIC meeting and the JPCERT training.


FIRST TRANSITS Training in Djibouti
Another successful AfricaCERT meeting draws to an end, training provided by both JPCERT/CC and FIRST (TRANSITS).

* FIRST TRANSITS Training Mauritius, MU
November 22–24, 2014 Hosted by AfricaCERT

FIRST sponsored a TRANSITS training in Tunisia May 25-27, 2015
The event was hosted by AfricaCERT and team rep Jean-Robert Hountomey and was also supported by GEANT Association (TRANSITS II Training)
and Don Stikvoort.

* FIRST CSIRT Training May 30 – June 02, 2016
Gaborone, Botswana

* FIRST CSIRT Training May 22 – May 24 2017
Nairobi, Kenya

FIRST AFRICACERT Regional Symposium

* Inaugural meeting in Accra 2015: Local Host and Co-host with Ministry of Communication Ghana.
Accra Regional Symposium –

* FIRST Regional Symposium for Arab and African Regions Local host Egypt with AfricaCERT as event partner

* FIRST-ITU Regional Symposium for Africa and Arab Regions Dar es Salaam (TZ), November 13-17, 2017.

* 2020 FIRST & AfricaCERT Virtual Symposium For Africa And Arab Regions. Oct 21-23, 2020
Co-hosted by AfricaCERT, African Union, CERT MU, and National Computer Board Mauritius.

* FIRST & AfricaCERT Virtual Symposium for Africa and Arab Regions. December 7-9, 2021.
AfricaCERT and TunCERT will co-host the virtual symposium.

* 2023 FIRST & AfricaCERT Symposium: Africa and Arab Regions – Kigali, Rwanda | February 28-March 3, 2023.