Council of Elders (CE)

CE members are selected members of the African ICT community who have contributed to the establishment and development of AfricaCERT.

Members of the CE are nominated by the Executive Director, the Board of Directors or any operational member, and appointed by the Board of Directors.

General Meeting (GM)

consisting of all AfricaCERT Members. The GM shall be convened by the Executive Secretariat with the approval of the Board of Directors (BOD) and attended by representatives of AfricaCERT members, with voting right. Other members can be invited as observers.

At a minimum, the GM shall be convened annually, known as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Board of Directors (BOD)

BOD consists of a maximum of seven (7) representatives with five (5) elected by more than half of a quorum of AfricaCERT Operational Members with voting rights, plus the chair of the CE, as six and and the Executive Director as the seventh member.

BOD Members are appointed for three-year terms renewable once and are responsible for the orientation of AfricaCERT activities, and deciding about strategic and membership concerns.

Board Committees

AfricaCERT BOD shall establish different committees (working groups) to undertake major issues, projects and activities for short and/or long terms.

The Secretariat.


  • A primary and general contact point for the AfricaCERT o Coordinates activities of the AfricaCERT.
  • Store and Maintain the AfricaCERT documentation o Provide general guidance for prospective members and other interested parties.
  • Serve as an administrative point for AfricaCERT.
  • The Secretariat tasks will be approved by the BOD, under proposal of the

Executive Director

The Executive Director shall:

  • Manage the day to day operations of AfricaCERT;
  • Appoint his executive staff members and report directly to the Board.

The Executive Director is an AfricaCERT Board Member