AfricaCERT Remote Reunions.

Online participation, have increased participating in previous AfricaCERT events.
AfricaCERT Meetings provide the ability to participate online but also to organize a remote Reunion in your organization / city.
These Remote Reunions are the responsibility of the local organizers and should be held in accordance to the local rules,
regulations with regard to gathering requirements and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Remote Reunions are local meetings that take place in parallel with the main event.
People can watch online sessions available together and send interventions via available channels (text, audio or video),
that can be answered by trainers, presenters and panelists.

Remote Reunions organizers can hold debates and provide their perspectives.

There are several advantages in creating a Remote Reunion:
o It helps to raise awareness.
o It fosters networking among participants and community building.
o It encourages follow-up activities.
o It helps remove language barriers.
o It engages various audience including universities …

How to organize a Remote Reunion? The requirements are very simple:
o A physical or virtual place provided that local restrictions be followed.
o A computer with a broadband Internet connection and a projector, to enable the reunion participants to watch the event.
o A moderator, who plans the dynamics of the local discussions as well as transmit the participants’ questions or comments to the main sessions,
o Various interaction tools with local communities.
o Selected tracks, topics according to your interests and time zone.

Interested party should at least three days before event with the following information

o Country / City
o Institution hosting the Remote Reunion
o Possible area(s) of interest, topics
o Coordinator Name
o Contact email

Note: AfricaCERT honors TLP (