How to become a member?

  • Complete the application form, available on the Web site, and submit it by email to the Secretariat, signed with the PGP key of the applicant, and with CC to the sponsor(s).
  • Upon receiving the application form, the Secretariat will check it contains all the requested details, and help in its completion.
  • The application form, once complete, will be forwarded for review and evaluation by the members of the AfricaCERT Board of Directors, which will decide on its acceptance or refusal.
  • The applicant and its sponsor(s) will be informed about the acceptance or refusal of their application, at maximum 3 months, from submission of the application.
  • In case of refusal the BOD chair will provide the reasons of that refusal, and in case of acceptance, the applicant will be considered as member from that date, with notification to the rest of members by email and recording on the web site.

Review or Revocation of Membership or Change of Membership Category

The AfricaCERT BOD may audit at any time a member and review the continued eligibility and suitability of Members. If the AfricaCERT BOD finds that a member no longer meets the membership eligibility requirements or does not respect the code of conduct, it may decide revocation or change of the membership.

The decision to change or revoke the membership is subject to the approval of two thirds quorum of the AfricaCERT Operational Members with voting rights during the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Type of Membership