Operational Member

Operational Members are expected to be active participants in AfricaCERT. At a minimum this includes participating in the AGMs and contributes to the Annual Report.

Requirements to become an AfricaCERT Operational Member are:

  1. To be located in an African country;
  2. To be a leading or national CSIRT within its own economy, on a full or part time basis
  3. To have established or seeking establishing good policies, practices and procedures for operating its CSIRT, relatively to state of the art in that trend
  4. To agree to support the mission and objectives of AfricaCERT, and be readily available to make contributions to the African CSIRT community;
  5. To be sponsored by two (2) AfricaCERT Operational Members;
  6. To have the application approved by the AfricaCERT Board of Directors (BOD);
  7. To respect the Code of Conduct, promulgated by AfricaCERT;
  8. To advise the AfricaCERT BOD, within a reasonable time period, if at any time it cannot meet the above criteria.

Operational Members have the right to vote on AfricaCERT operational matters and to stand for Board of Directors (BOD) election, after one (1) year of membership. An Operational Member has one (1) vote.