Mission statement:

The AfricaCERT (AfricaCERT) is nonprofit organization founded to provide leadership in cybersecurity related issues in Africa. AfricaCERT is expected to assist in strengthening cyber readiness in African Internet Ecosystem.

The objectives of AfricaCERT are to assist African countries in establishing and operating Computer Security and Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) by providing expertise and advice in formulating initiatives, programs and projects related to the launch of CSIRTs in African countries and to encourage and support cooperation among teams in the Africa Internet Service Region.


One Continent, One Vision, One Team United in Promoting Cybersecurity in Africa.


The AfricaCERT provides solutions to Challenges for Internet Health in Af* Internet Ecosystem. AfricaCERT provides a platform for collaboration and coordination. Participating in AfricaCERT enables Computer Security Incident Response Teams and alike organizations to more effectively respond to security incidents.  As a Global Connector, of computer security incident response teams and alike organizations from all sectors, AfricaCERT fosters coordination, cooperation, and promotion of information sharing.


The objectives of AfricaCERT include, but are not restricted to:

  1. Coordinating cooperation and information exchange among CSIRTs, as well as supporting African cyber drills.
  2. Assisting African countries in establishing and operating CSIRTs by providing expertise and advice in formulating initiatives, programs and projects.
  3. Fostering and supporting education and outreach programs in ICT security among African countries. AfricaCERT is also expected to assist its members that do not have the necessary technical skills, knowledge and experience, to be able to conduct effective computer emergency response.
  4. Strengthening the relationships among CSIRTs in Africa and with other stakeholders all over the world. This will be achieved through building cooperation, trust and confidence among members and also with other international stakeholders for the effective coordination and management of security incidents.
  5. Encouraging information sharing in ICT security, which includes findings from reported incidents and case studies, so that vulnerabilities can be rapidly identified, and its risks mitigated. It is envisaged that AfricaCERT members will especially share experiences and jointly develop measures to deal with large-scale security incidents.
  6. Promoting good practices and experiences and sharing among members to develop a comprehensive framework for cybersecurity, including better addressing legal and regulatory issues related to information security, and for the prevention of cybercrimes, while acting in strengthening multilateral and bilateral cooperation and initiatives on such matters.
  7. Assisting African CSIRTs in improving cyber readiness and enhancing the resilience of ICT infrastructure and developing contingency plans.
  8. Promoting collaborative technology research, development and innovation in the ICT security field.