CERT Training in Collaboration with AAF led by Prof Kilan Chon.
Cooperation between Africa and Asia on network research and engineering

AAF offered the following CERT training courses with other organizations; AfNOG, AfriNIC, METI/JPCERT, APCERT

1. CERT Introduction(CERT Training Course for Manager and Policy Maker)

* 2010.5.31 Kigali
* 2010.11.23 Johannesburg
* 2011.5.30 Dar es Salaam
* 2011.11.21 Yaounde
* 2012.5.7 Banjul, Gambia
* 2012.11 Khartoum

2. CERT Training Course for Technical Staff

* 2010.11.23 Johannesburg
* 2011.5.31~6.2 Dar es Salaam
* 2012.5.8~10 Banjul, Gambia

3. Advanced CERT Training Course

2011.6.3~4 Dar es Salaam
2011.11.19~20 Yaounde
2012.5.11~12 Banjul, Gambia

Past Meetings

2013.6.10~14 CERT Training Courses with AfricaCERT (during Africa Internet Summit), Lusaka, Zambia
2012.11 CERT Training Courses with AfricaCERT (during AfriNIC), Khartoum, Sudan
2012.5.6~18 AfNOG-13 and AfriNIC-16 Meetings, Banjul, Gambia
2012.5.7~9 CERT Course for Technical Staff
2012.5.10~11 Advanced CERT Training Course on Network Security
2012.5.12~13 AAF Workshop

2011.11.19~25 AfriNIC Meeting, Yaounde, Cameroon
11.19~20 Advanced CERT Course on Web Security: Network Forensics Training
11.21 CERT Course for Manager [in French]

2011.5.30~6.10 “Internet Summit Africa”(AfNOG,AfriNIC,AfREN,AAF, …)
5.30~6.4 CERT Training Course, Dar es Salaam
Part1: 5.30 CERT Training Course for Manager (and Introduction on CERT)
Part2: 5.31~6.2 CERT Training Course for Technical Staff
Part3: 6.3~6.4 Advanced CERT Training Course on Web Security
6.5 20:30~22:00 BoF on Africa CERT

2010.11.20~11.26 AfriNIC Meeting, Johannesburg, South Africa
11.20~22 CERT Instructor Training Course for Technical Staff
11.22 17:00-19:00 Web WG Meeting
11.23 09:00-18:00 CERT Training Course for Managers and Policy Makers
11.23 18:00-19:00 Security WG Meeting

2010.5.29~6.4 “Internet Summit of Africa, Kigali, Rwanda
5.30 09:00~10:45 AAF Workshop
5.30 11:00~18:00 Cyber Security Workshop
5.31 Web Workshop, Kigali, Rwanda
5.31 CERT Instructor Training Course

Related Meetings

2013.6.8~18 Luzaka, Zambia, Africa Internet Summit
2012.11 Khartoum, Sudan AfriNIC-17 Meeting
2012.5.6~18 Banjul, Gambia, Internet Summit Africa
2011.10.24~28 Dakar ICANN
2011.10.24~28 Nairobi Internet Governance Forum
2011.8.31~9.2 Johannesburg, South Africa South African Internet Governance Forum
2011.7.25~27 Nairobi East Africa Workshop on Cyberspace Security
2011.5.29~6.10 Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania “Internet Summit Africa” (AfNOG-12, AfriNIC-14, AfREN, AAF, …)
2011.2.28~3.8 Lome, Togo Hacking and Security Forum 1st Edition (ISERVICES TOGO)
2011.2.28~3.4 Lome, Togo CISSP training (ISERVICES TOGO)
2010.11.22~26 Tunisia Training on Cybersecurity (in English)
2010.11 Johannesburg, South Africa AfriNIC
2010.10.18~20 Abuja, Nigeria West Africa Cybercrime Summit
2010.8.23~25 Dakar, Senegal West Africa Internet Governance Forum
2010.8.11~13 Kampala, Uganda East Africa Internet Governance Forum
2010.6.24~25 Rabat, Morocco OIC-CERT Regional workshop (Africa region)
2010.6.17~19 Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Third Pan-African Forum on ICT, OUagadougou, Burkina Faso
2010.5.23-6.4 Kigali, Rwanda “Internet Summit” (AfNOG/AfriNIC/AfREN/AAF)
2010.1.25-26 Mauritius AfriNIC AfGWG Law Enforcement Event
2009.11.28-12.4 Dakar, Senegal AfriNIC
2009.5.10-21 Cairo, Egypt AfREN/AfriNIC/AfREN/INET/…
2008.10.6-17 Tunisia Training on Cybersecurity (in French)