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Tel : +233 277 552 308 / +233 208 587 222
Fax : +233 302 521 696

For general information, please contact:

** Secretariat

** days/hours of operation:
Monday to Friday
09:00-17:00 UTC

** PGP KEY for Encrypted Message
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Incident reporting

The AfricaCERT should be contacted as the last resort for assistance and cooperation from when it comes to addressing security incidents relating to networks operated in the AfriNIC Service Region.
The list of economies are:
Addressing security incidents is the responsibility of the administrator of the network or computer affected.

When to contact the AfricaCERT for an incident report

AfricaCERT could be engaged as the last resort for an incident in any of the following instances:

* you are not able to contact the entity responsible for the network/IP address (the source of the incident in general) or the contact information is not up-to-date;
* there is no response to the security incident report
* the National CSIRT is not responsive or you are not able to locate the National CSIRT for the Economy.
* If you need assistance reaching out to a National CSIRT or a contact in an Economy within our service region.
* Email:


* What is the AfriNIC database?

The AfriNIC database holds data on TCP/IP networks and their administrators in Africa and several islands located in the Indian Ocean.
The AfriNIC DB provides information about the organisations and administrators responsible for IP address allocations using the AFRINIC WHOIS Interface.
More at:

* Services Provider Associations
Services Provider Associations also can be a great ressource when a contact is not responding. (AfricaCERT will update this section as we go)

* ISPA South Africa –
* TESPOK Kenya –

* Africa CSIRT list provides list of CSIRTs.

* Country Code Domain
A National CSIRT will usually helps to identify a point of contact in its economy. AfricaCERT also maintain a list of Abuse Contacts for CCTLDs.
The IANA ccTLD database is also a last resort ressource to identify the Country Code Managers.

* gTLD domain names
For gTLD Domain, ICANN may be able to help. Please check