Team information

Official team name            Egyptian Computer Emergency Readiness Team

Team host organization  National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA), Giza, Egypt

Country of team                  Egypt

Public WWW server


Description of constituency          Work as trust center for Cyber Security Services across Egyptian cyber space.

Country of constituency                   Egypt

Team contact information

Regular telephone number            +202-3534-4243

Emergency telephone number     +202-3539-4444

E-mail address                         

Facsimile number                               +202 3539 0444

Postal address                                      Smart Village, building B145, Cairo-Alex Desert Road KM28, Giza, Egypt 12577

Timezone                                                 GMT +2

Business hours

Specification of business hours   7:00 to 017:00 hours (GMT +2)

How to contact team outside business hours         Outside office hours, the team can be contacted via our EG-CERT monitor team at: +202 3539 4444 +202 3539 0111 +2 0100 4111777 +2 0122 1111188




Egyptian CERT