Terms of Reference for Working Group on the Implementation of UN Cyber norms and CBM for Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Community

It is important to recognize the crucial role that CERT teams play in promoting compliance with cyber norms and Confidence Building Measures and implementing the UN’s normative frameworks. As part of this effort, AfricaCERT has established a working group with the aim of developing a strategy for implementing cyber norms and Confidence Building Measures (CBM)and becoming a coordination point for the Computer Emergency Community in the area of Cyber Diplomacy.

The working group aims to identify the most effective ways to promote the adoption and integration of cyber norms and Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) into the practices and policies of the community, and to ensure that these norms are consistently followed and enforced.


The working group will focus on the following areas:

  1. Identification of key stakeholders: The group will identify the key stakeholders within the Computer Emergency Community who need to be involved in implementing cyber norms, including individuals, organizations, and government agencies.
  2. Establishment of Points of Contact (PoC): The group will develop a strategy for establishing PoC within the community that can provide guidance and support related to cyber norms. These points of contact will serve as a resource for individuals and organizations seeking to implement the norms and will help to ensure consistent application of the norms across the community.
  3. Communication and training: The group will develop a communication and training strategy for promoting awareness and understanding of cyber norms and CBMs within the community.
  4. Compliance: The group will develop strategies for ensuring compliance with cyber norms and enforcing them when necessary. This may include developing a system for reporting and creating incentives for compliance.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation: The group will establish a system for monitoring the implementation of cyber norms within the community and evaluating their effectiveness. This may include creating metrics for measuring the adoption of norms, conducting surveys and assessments, and conducting regular reviews of policies and practices.
  6. Review and update: The group will establish a process for reviewing and updating the cyber norms as needed to ensure they remain relevant and effective over time. This may include conducting regular reviews of the norms, soliciting stakeholders’ feedback, and revising the norms as necessary.

Focal Point:

Dr. Dr. Kaleem Ahemd Usmai (CERT MU)

Ms. Sorene Assefa – (Cyber Czar)

Contacts: cybernorms@africacert.org